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Connect with any audience

UserTesting makes getting feedback from any audience easy. Gather diverse perspectives, either via our global, industry-leading, UserTesting Contributor Network, or from your own customers, partners, or employees, and more--all through the UserTesting platform.
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UserTesting Contributor Network

With UserTesting, you have access to our network, a global, industry-leading group of real people from around over 40 countries around the world. Quickly find and receive diverse perspectives from your target audience. Each contributor has opted-in and qualified to provide their perspectives on your brand, products and more. In a matter of hours, you’ll receive the feedback you need to help you make better decisions.

UserTesting Contributor Network

Connect with your own audiences

Want to capture video-based insights from your own network of customers, employees, and more? UserTesting offers several solutions for gathering rich customer experience narratives:

  • Custom Network: Recruit and manage networks of your own users, employees, etc. with attributes that are unique to your business—let us care of scheduling and incentive payments.
  • Invite Network: Send anyone a unique web link to provide feedback on either a desktop or mobile device.
  • Community Networks: Easily distribute tests to community members in Fuel Cycle through our direct integration.
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Audience & profile management

Easily find your target audience for any test using robust demographic filters or flexible screener questions, that can be customized for your specific needs.

UserTesting collects and maintains audience demographic data while addressing privacy, data security, and opt-in and opt-out status.

Each contributor is manually vetted before they join the UserTesting Contributor Network to ensure high-quality perspectives. Users are then rated as the complete tests, with 85% of rated sessions receiving 4 or 5 stars from customers like you.

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Test distribution engine

Once the target audience is defined, the UserTesting test distribution engine automatically finds contributors while optimizing for both speed and contributor quality. Over 80% of video sessions are delivered in just a few hours

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Engagement and rewards

No need for you to manually manage incentive payments, payment vendors, or financial reporting. Contributor payments are handled securely through UserTesting, allowing you to focus on the insights.

We also engage with contributors regularly, sharing tips on how to provide authentic feedback and perspectives to make sure everyone gets more out of the platform.

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Privacy, security and compliance

UserTesting is SOC 2 type II certified and GDPR and HIPAA-compliant, and is dedicated to enterprise-grade information security and protection of confidential data including customer experience narratives and contributor data. Our teams employ systems to detect bots and other fraudulent activity and hold all contributors accountable to the Contributor Terms of Service.

Privacy, Security, and Compliance

A global network of contributors

Whether it’s Gen Z, early tech adopters, or global audiences, we’ll help you gather diverse perspectives from any participant you’re looking for

Retail & e-commerce customers

Finance professionals

Healthcare professionals

Software developers

Mobile & console gamers

Avid travelers

Early tech adopters

Frequent diners

And more

Connect to the right audience, get high-quality insights.